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What is the cost of LASEK surgery in Delaware? LASEK is a term that covers a wide variety of vision correction procedures that involve the use of a laser. The laser is generally used to make a microscopic incision in the eye. Creating this incision allows the presiding physician to remodel the muscles that operate the eye. This allows LASEK to be used in the correction of a variety of mild vision impairments including strabismus, nystagmus and astigmatism. Whether LASEK will be effective in your particular case is something that will have to be determined in cooperation with your ophthalmologist and optometrist.

Before doing LASEK, Delaware eye health clinics are required to establish that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. This usually requires them to receive recent information from the other members of the patient's eye care team, including an ophthalmologist. Therefore, when figuring out the cost of LASEK surgery in Delaware, it's important to remember that you will have to include a regular eye exam in that figure. Clinics may also have their own procedures that are required. Since a poorly executed LASEK surgery can lead to vision loss, the intention of all this preparation is to protect the patient.

The cost of LASEK surgery in Delaware can be extremely high. The costs will generally -- and should always -- include the cost of post-operative care and any follow-up procedures that might be necessary. For that reason, LASEK is one of the biggest healthcare investments that you can choose to make, even in Delaware. A brief survey of major clinics in Delaware revealed that the price of LASEK on a per-eye basis has been going up, rising about $400 per eye in the last ten years. You can expect to pay about $2,000 per eye if getting your procedure in Wilmington. Costs in Dover and Newark are comparable.

LASEK surgery is considered to be a highly optional procedure and, therefore, is not covered by Medicaid or Medicare. However, it may be covered under some private insurance schemes in rare cases. Since it can be difficult to achieve the kind of insurance coverage you need to defray the costs of LASEK, many LASEK providers will offer installment plans for paying for a procedure. These are typically expensive, requiring monthly payments of $80-$100. Payments may be required for the duration of the time the patient is under the center's care, which could be up to a year following the procedure.

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