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When people have vision problems, most of them get glasses or contacts. However, an increasing number of people are choosing to have laser vision correction. The most popular laser vision correction surgery is LASIK, having become a household name. However, there are several other types of laser vision correction, like PRK or LASEK. LASEK stands for laser epithelial keratomileusis. When you want to have LASEK surgery in Louisiana, it is wise to find out about the procedure, research the doctors in your area, and compare prices. Vision correction surgery for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia is considered an elective procedure rather than a medically necessary one, so it is typically not covered by insurance policies.

To understand LASEK, you need to understand the original LASIK surgery. LASIK works by a surgeon cutting a flap in the outer surface of the eye (the epithelium). Once the flap is cut and the surface is lifted, a laser is used to reshape the contour of the eye to solve vision problems. With LASIK, the flap that is cut is thick. LASEK is less invasive. With this procedure, an extremely thin epithelial layer is lifted with an alcoholic solution while lasers reshape the outer layer of the eye. The contour of the eye dictates the way the light is focused on the retina, and how clearly your eyes can see the items in front of you. Reshaping the eye surface corrects vision problems with fewer complications.

LASEK surgery in Louisiana is especially helpful for patients with thin corneas, but it is used in a variety of other circumstances as well. Certain corneal angles, such as very steep corneas, are better treated with LASEK as opposed to LASIK. LASEK is performed with a local anesthetic, which means that the patient is awake during surgery. The recovery period is longer with LASEK than with LASIK, but the trade-off is that there are fewer complications possible.

The average cost of LASEK surgery in Louisiana is similar to that of LASIK surgery. The price quoted is almost always a 'per eye' cost. However, when comparing prices, you should ask what the price includes and what additional fees or costs will occur, so you can compare the same services. LASEK surgery normally costs about $2,150 to $3,000 per eye. This surgery, like other laser vision correction surgeries, is more accessible and affordable in larger metropolitan areas, such as New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, or Lake Charles.

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