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While both involve corrective eye surgery, LASEK, with an “E,” is a different procedure from LASIK with an “I.” LASEK stands for Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy. This surgical procedure is an effective method for correcting poor vision in many people. Many people who have vision problems get tired of wearing corrective lenses such as glasses or contact lens. They seek surgical procedures to help them correct the problem. One reason why LASEK is quickly gaining ground as the most popular surgery to correct vision is that it combines benefits of other procedures while dealing with the problems they present. To understand the cost of LASEK surgery in Maine, you need to understand what is involved with the surgery.

LASEK has certain advantages over LASIK or PRK procedures. LASEK involves creating a thinner flap than PRK or LASIK. That makes it better for people with thin or steep corneas. It helps the surgeon make the flap without the need for a thick cornea. LASEK also causes less dry eye for those who suffer with allergies or other dry eye conditions. Complications dealing with the LASIK flap are also avoided with this procedure. Now, there are some disadvantages to LASEK surgery. There is a longer recovery time that LASIK. It can cause more discomfort as well. Patients need to use drops to keep their eyes lubricated longer than with LASIK. You need to understand what is involved to understand the cost of LASEK surgery in Maine.

The cost of LASEK surgery in Maine is going to run a patient about $1500 - $2500 per eye they need done. The differences in price often depend on the surgeon doing the work and the location where the work is being done. Hospitals tend to charge more than outpatient facilities. Surgeons who have a bigger reputation may charge a bit more. The cost includes the surgeon's fee, the costs of anesthesia, and the cost of the facility. For surgeons who have their own clinic, the costs may be lower since you are not paying a separate facility.

People who have LASEK surgery often find they do not need corrective lenses after the surgery. Some may need glasses to read by, but may not need anything for longer term vision. For those who go through the procedure they find the effort and pain are well worth it. The cost of LASEK surgery in Maine may seem steep. However, the results give people the ability to go without glasses or corrective lenses. That is something they say is well worth the cost.

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