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Want to find out about the cost of LASEK surgery in Minnesota? You have probably discovered LASEK after originally researching the LASIK procedure like most Minnesota residents. However, depending upon your vision, not all people will be eligible candidates for LASIK. Original LASIK is an extremely precise and advanced procedure, but it still comes with a variety of risks. One of the most serious ones is that the area of the eye that gets operated on in LASIK might become attenuated and suffer from trauma. This can lead to major vision defects that can be far worse than the original problem.

In Minnesota, Minneapolis is the center of the new LASEK surgery treatment option state-wide. LASEK is still unusual throughout most of the country because it is intended for those people who find the risks of LASIK too serious or who cannot qualify for the original procedure. In the run-up to LASIK or LASEK, your doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes to ensure that you are not under any unusual risk of serious, lasting eye damage from the procedure. If it is found that you are, your only option will be LASEK, where different areas of the eye are incised to a lesser degree than in LASIK.

The end result of both LASIK and LASEK is intended to be the same -- no matter which one you have done, your underlying vision problems should be largely corrected. This includes, for example, nearsightedness and farsightedness. However, in Minnesota the cost of LASEK is often slightly higher than LASIK to reflect the increased risk and the precautions that must be taken. Whereas LASIK can be done for $1,600 - $2,000 per eye, you can expect to pay slightly more on a per-eye basis for LASEK, in the order of $300 to $500 more per eye. Most Minnesota insurance will not cover either procedure.

Recovery time for LASEK is slightly longer than for LASIK, but your overall prognosis will be the same as a LASIK patient. If your goal is to reduce costs, make sure that you opt to have your LASEK done as an outpatient procedure. This is usually possible in Minnesota clinical settings as long as you are willing to sign a waiver and have someone on hand to drive you home. Since laser eye correction does not generally require sedation, you will not need to have that person stay with you for the following twenty four hours the way you would for a more invasive procedure in Minnesota.

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