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LASEK eye surgery is a procedure that's very similar to the more common LASIK procedure. This is usually considered an elective eye surgery and may not be covered by your insurance plan. LASEK is corrective eye surgery that can be used to correct many problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASEK does this by gently reshaping the eye with a laser. LASIK and LASEK both reshape the eye in the same manner. The difference between the two procedures is in the layer that's peeled back. LASEK preserves the thin epithelial layer on the surface of the eye. This procedure is best for patients who have a very thin cornea.

When you're considering the cost of LASEK in Missouri, there are many different factors to take into account. The individual cost of your procedure will depend on the specific needs of your eyes, so the only completely accurate estimate that you can get is the one that your ophthalmologist provides you with. Keep in mind that most estimates for LASEK surgery are given per eye. You will need to double the amount that's quoted to get an accurate price for both eyes. The good thing about LASEK surgery is that it is usually performed on both eyes at once, which reduces costs somewhat.

The average cost for LASEK surgery in Missouri is $1,950 for each eye. If your insurance is willing to pay a portion of the cost this is a very important factor. Many insurance plans only cover certain providers. Before scheduling your surgery, you should make sure that the surgeon and facility you are using are covered by your insurance plan. This will make a big difference in the price. Financing plans are available for LASEK surgery as well. Many Missouri ophthalmologists will offer financing through a company like Care Credit which will allow you to pay for your surgery in installments over the course of several months.

As you're tallying the total cost of LASEK in Missouri, make sure you're including all of the associated costs with this procedure. You will need to visit your doctor for a preoperative consultation as well as several postoperative check-ups. Talk to your doctor about the price that you're being quoted to determine whether it includes these additional visits. You will also need special eye drops to prevent infection and protective goggles so you can sleep without rubbing your eyes. The recovery time for LASEK surgery is usually about a week, though it can take longer for some patients than for others.

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