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When it comes to vision, protecting and improving your eyesight through corrective surgery is one of the best options that you can elect to have performed on you. LASEK is one of the most revolutionary procedures in terms of vision surgery, and while there are other types of surgery available that some ophthalmologists prefer, this one is still used widely and can make a huge impact on your ability to see. The cost of LASEK Surgery in New Hampshire is always one of the first questions that a patient has, and understanding the basics behind costs is important for anyone about to have the procedure performed.

The most recent data suggests that the average cost of LASEK surgery in New Hampshire is roughly $2,000 per eye. The cost could vary considerably, however, and a number of things will influence the overall cost. Complexity of the specific operation, the provider supplying the surgery, and more will all influence the total price. With that in mind, keeping a few basic points in mind is important when you're about to undergo LASEK and need to understand more about the total cost. Insurance, payment plans, and other factors are important to think about.

One of the first things you should look into concerning the cost of LASEK in New Hampshire is the amount of the price that your insurance will cover. In most cases Medicare and private insurance will not cover a very large percentage of the overall costs. This is because LASEK is considered an elective procedure, not one that is medically necessary. Not all insurance is equal, of course, but taking a few minutes to see what yours will cover could end up saving you a very large amount of money.

Many LASEK providers in the state of New Hampshire also offer payment plans. This lets you make an upfront payment and then monthly payments in a certain amount. It's not offered by all surgeons, but many will. Be sure as well that you look into the total cost for all follow up care, any eye drops or medications, and additional charges. Nothing's worse than expecting one price and then suddenly having to pay a larger price due to other fees not included in the initial estimate. If you keep these points in mind you should be able to know exactly what price to expect for your surgery.

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