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When people discuss laser eye surgery, many instantly think and refer to LASIK. In fact, there are a few laser eye surgery options. One alternative to LASIK is LASEK. LASEK is a similar but distinctly different operation from LASIK. LASEK stands for Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy. It can correct vision and is a perfect option for those who are tired of wearing corrective lenses. This surgery combines different techniques from other eye surgeries in an attempt to give the patient the benefits of each. You need to know more about this surgery to truly understand the intricacies and the prices involved with the cost of LASEK surgery in New Jersey.

Patients looking at eye surgery would be wise to understand the advantages of LASEK. The surgeon creates a thinner flap in LASEK than in most other eye surgery options. For patients who have thin or steep corneas, this can be critical. Some people have thin corneas naturally. Others may experience thinning of the corneal due to injury, illness, or medication use. Another advantage to LASEK is that it causes less dry eye for those who suffer with dry eye conditions. Some of the common complications of LASIK can be avoided by using the LASEK procedure. To balance the advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Recovery time with LASEK is longer. Some patients experience more pain with this procedure. They will need to use drops longer. This is important to understand when discussing the cost of LASEK surgery in New Jersey.

LASEK surgery in New Jersey runs on average $1,800 per eye. However, this price can vary depending on which facility and which doctor you use. Hospitals are more expensive than outpatient facilities. Some surgeons have their own facility, which can actually keep to costs down. The total costs involve the surgeon's fee, the costs of anesthesia and the cost of the facility. It is wise for patients looking at this procedure to shop around to find the best price. It will make a difference to the bottom line.

Many who go through LASEK surgery do not need glasses or contacts after the surgery. If they do, it is often a set of reading glasses for close-up work. However, some people find that after a decade or so, they may need to go through another surgery as the eye begins to change shape due to aging and other medical factors. The results of this surgery are well worth it according to many, so you need to make that determination for yourself.

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