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LASEK surgery can be used to correct a personís vision. This is a very common procedure performed in North Carolina. Many eye doctors use this as the standard eye surgery to correct vision issues like astigmatism, people who are nearsighted or farsighted. There are a variety of conditions that this surgery can help, but it is always important to choose a qualified eye doctor to do the job. This type of laser eye surgery can work great for many people. This is a specialized surgery that is used as an alternative for people who are not good candidates for some of the other laser eye surgeries available today.

People who have the LASEK eye surgery may have thin layer of the tissue outside of the cornea. The LASEK surgery can make a very thin cut. The laser is very precise and works for this type of patient. Once the patientís cornea tissue has been cut, a layer of this is removed from the eye. The cornea is shaped using a laser. This is what corrects the vision. People who have near or far sight problems generally have an irregularly shaped cornea. Once the cornea is reshaped, the eye is repaired, and the patient is sent home.

The LASEK surgery in North Carolina can vary in cost according to the vision correction that is being performed. Although this surgery can fix a great many vision problems, they all vary in cost. Some are a bit easier than others. The same procedure is used, but there are different techniques that can correct specific problems. This type of refractive surgery is considered to be the gold standard amount eye surgeons who provide refractive eye care. Some doctors believe that LASEK surgery can provide a faster healing time than other laser eye surgeries.

Laser eye surgery centers perform most of the LASEK eye surgeries in North Carolina. There are many of these eye centers in the state such as Vision Authorities in Cary and Coastal Eye Clinic in Morehead City. Most eye doctors can perform this surgery, and is in some ways very similar to the other laser eye surgeries. Depending on the vision condition that is being corrected, many insurance companies will pay for the cost of the surgery. The best candidates are those that have exhausted all other avenues of treatment. If this is considered an elective surgery, the insurance companies typically will not cover the cost.

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