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LASEK surgery is performed on patients to correct vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. This procedure is used to reshape the cornea to get optimum vision results. A thin layer of the cornea is removed, and then replaced after the cornea is shaped. This is a very similar procedure to LASIK, except the cornea layer is put back after the procedure is done. In LASIK surgery this layer is not put back. The cost of LASEK surgery in Oklahoma can vary according to the doctor, location of the surgery and reasons for the surgery.

The cost of LASEK surgery in Oklahoma can vary according to many factors, but the average cost is in the range of $2,150 per eye after a recent survey was conducted analyzing the cost of vision repair. This surgery is not typically covered under insurance plans, because it is a voluntary surgery. Many doctors and eye centers offer payment plans that can help with the cost of the surgery. LASEK surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed in a surgery center or hospital, and only takes about 15 minutes for each eye. The actual laser works for about 30 seconds.

LASEK eye surgery is different from other surgeries in that it takes a bit longer to heal, but the results can be much better than other laser eye surgeries. Not everyone is a candidate for this type of laser eye correction, and it is best for each patient to check with their eye doctor to determine if this surgery is right for them. During the surgery itself, a local anesthetic is given to the patient in the form of eye drops. This numbs the eye area. If requested, some doctors prescribe a mild sedative for patients who feel anxious about the procedure. There is no need for a general anesthetic for this type of procedure.

The cost of LAEK surgery in Oklahoma usually includes pre and post-operative doctor visits. The pre-operative visit and consultation will allow the doctor to examine the patient and determine if they are a candidate for the surgery. If they are, the patient will be given instructions for the surgery. After LASEK surgery is performed, the patient will need to come back to the doctor’s office to be examined. The doctor will be able to gauge the success of the treatment. There may be a couple of visits after the surgery depending on the rate that healing takes place.

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