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There are several factors to consider when you're comparing the cost of LASEK surgery in Rhode Island. One of the first considerations is who you will be getting the surgery from. LASEK is an elective form of laser vision correction. For many patients, this means that insurance will not cover the associated costs. If you're not using insurance to pay for this procedure, you have a full range of options when it comes to providers. Since Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, a provider that's located in another state may be closer and more convenient for you.

The average cost of LASEK surgery in Rhode Island is between $1,500 and $3,000 per eye. There are many different factors that will determine how much your LASEK costs including the specific condition that needs to be altered in your eye. LASEK is performed in a manner very similar to LASIK surgery. When you have LASEK laser vision correction, the top layer of the eye is pulled back. A focused beam of light is applied to the surface of the eye beneath this layer to reshape it. This reshaping process is what will correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

After the eye has been reshaped, the surface layer is replaced over the eye as a protective covering while the eye heals. A local anesthetic is used during the surgery to numb the eye area. Due to the anesthetic, the patient is not able to drive home after surgery. Make sure you have someone available to give you a ride home. In the first 24 hours after LASEK surgery, the patient is generally advised to rest. The eyes may be uncomfortable for two or three days. Most patients feel comfortable returning to their regular activities within a week with a few limitations.

LASEK laser eye surgery is recommended for patients who have a cornea that is too thin for a traditional LASIK procedure. The two options are very similar in the method that is used to correct the eyesight as well as the associated price. The main difference is that the surface of the eye that is cut back is much thinner with LASEK. This surgery can be done in the surgeon's office or an ambulatory surgery center which is less expensive than a hospital. You should not trust ads which quote exceptionally low prices for LASEK without a consultation first to assess the patient's individual needs.

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