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LASEK is a type of laser vision correction that is used for patients that are not a candidate for traditional LASIK. The cost of LASEK in South Dakota is very similar to the cost of LASIK. You'll find that there are many eye care centers in the state that can provide you with this corrective procedure. The best options are usually clustered around large cities, such as Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Laser vision correction isn't usually covered by insurance plans. If you will be paying for this procedure out of pocket, you can take the time to explore many different surgeons in the area.

LASEK is an outpatient procedure but you cannot drive home afterwards. If you live in a rural part of South Dakota and have to drive a long distance to get to your chosen surgery center, you may want to consider staying in a hotel with a friend the first night. Patients are encouraged to rest in the first 24 hours following the surgery. You friend will need to be on hand to drive you home from the procedure. A local anesthetic is used around the eyes for LASEK and patients are not allowed to drive after having any kind of anesthetic used on them. Additionally, the patient's vision may still be blurry.

It can take a week or two for the patient's vision to be sharp enough for driving after LASEK. Though this procedure is similar to LASIK, the recovery time is longer. With both procedures, a flap is created on the surface of the eye. A cold laser is applied to the layer beneath this flap. The laser reshapes the eye and corrects any problems on the cornea that are causing impaired vision. After the reshaping is completed, the flap is replaced on the eye and the patient is free to leave. LASEK can be done in as little as 20 minutes. The signature of LASEK as opposed to LASIK is a thinner flap on the cornea.

The average cost of LASEK in South Dakota is $1,950. Your individual surgery can range from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on your situation. If you're not using insurance, you may want to compare prices at a few different surgery centers. Your ophthalmologist may be able to refer you to a surgeon that he or she has a co-management agreement with. Don't trust surgeons that offer cheap coupons for LASIK or LASEK. The price of this surgery cannot be determined until a patient is examined individually. The cheapest provider isn't always the best one to entrust your vision to so consider the options carefully.

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