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First of all, LASEK surgery in Tennessee is different from LASIK surgery within the state. LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, while LASEK refers to laser assisted sub-epithelial keratomileusis. The two types of surgery serve the same basic purpose. They are laser vision correction surgeries. However, the more commonly known LASIK is performed differently from LASEK. Both procedures take about fifteen minutes per eye and are performed in an outpatient setting. The recovery from LASIK is shorter than what patients who have LASEK experience. So, why would people choose to have LASEK rather than LASIK? Well, LASEK is a procedure that makes laser vision correction available to those who are not good candidates for traditional LASIK. It is especially recommended for those patients who have thin corneal tissue.

The specific procedure involved in each type of surgery is what makes it a better option for these patients. In traditional LASIK, the surgeon cuts a flap into the outer layer (or epithelium) of the eye about 100 to 180 microns thick. This allows the lasers access to the tissues beneath in order to reshape them, correcting vision problems like near-sightedness, far-sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. However, LASEK requires an incision which is only 50 microns deep, because an alcohol solution is used to lift the epithelium, in order to give the lasers access.

This means that in LASIK the incision penetrates the top layers of the cornea, while in LASEK, the incision only penetrates the epithelial layer. While LASIK is less painful than LASEK, there are fewer possible complications with LASEK surgery in Tennessee. There are a number of surgeons who perform both types of surgery in the states, but they are more common in larger metropolitan areas, like Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, and Clarksville. Patients can find surgeons who have locally owned practices or those that are a part of a regional or national chain.

When trying to compare the cost of LASEK in Tennessee between different providers, it is a good idea to ask specific questions about what is included in the quotes. Many companies advertise very low prices for LASIK and LASEK surgeries, whose prices are usually very similar. They may even say they will perform the procedure for under $500 per eye. However, this is almost always misleading. Even in companies which advertise these 'bargain' prices, the actual cost is still in the average range of $2,000 to $2,500 per eye. The confusion comes from what the price includes, just surgeon fees or surgeon fees with facility fees, anesthesia fees, medication, and after care.

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