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LASEK surgery is a more advanced form of vision correction that is commonly used by Texas eye doctors. It can treat the most common forms of vision problems, which are nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This is a form of eye surgery often preferred over LASIK because it carries less of a risk of causing dry eyes, and there is less of a complication risk. Because this is not as common as the more popular LASEK, you may need to search different eye doctors' websites to learn more about the costs. As with any other procedure, the costs vary by area.

Some doctors may charge as low as $1,200 per eye in the Dallas area. Doctors often charge low prices as an incentive to encourage patients to have a procedure. There are also clinics that may charge prices like $300 to $600 per eye. However, such offers should be looked into very carefully. In many cases, the special price may not cover the entire procedure. It is helpful to know exactly what's included so that you can plan accordingly for anything that may not be included. You will find that there are options available for anything that is not covered by insurance.

Financing is an option at many practices that perform this surgery. An increasing number of hospitals are also offering some sort of financing or other assistance. This may be based on an arrangement with the doctor's office. Another option is to offer financing through a third-party credit card company. Not all forms of financing are appropriate for all patients, so it is best to examine all the options before scheduling a surgery. Some who have savings accounts specifically for health purposes can benefit from using them to help cover the costs of their procedure.

In many cases, arrangements can be made for any portions that your insurance may not cover. You will want to get a quote from the doctor's office well in advance of your procedure. This will help you determine whether you need to make special arrangements for financing or whether your insurance will cover everything. Be sure to find out what the terms are for any monthly financing plans that the office may arrange. This will help you be better prepared, so you can focus on recovering.

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