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Getting any type of laser vision correction can be expensive. And, since this type of procedure is cosmetic in nature, most insurance companies will cover the cost for you to have it done. One of the several types of laser vision correction surgeries is called LASEK. LASEK is a procedure that is a little like LASIK and PRK procedures that came before it. During LASEK, the epithelial tissue is partially dissolved with a 20% alcohol solution. Then the surgeon cuts a tiny flap into the eye so that a laser can be used to reshape the corneal tissue. When the corneal tissue is reshaped, it improves your vision. When the surgeon has completed all of this, the flap is folded over and it will heal in time.

Naturally, when you are considering any type of surgical procedure, you are going to be concerned with cost. Since you will have to pay for all of the LASEK surgery you get in Vermont out of your own pocket, cost is especially important. In order for a person to get LASEK surgery in Vermont, the cost is going to be between $2,800 and $3,300. That amount is for both eyes and all fees associated with the LASEK surgery.

For some people, paying for something like LASEK surgery in Vermont is not a big deal. If you have a job where you make a significant amount of money, then you can easily afford to pay for LASEK. However, most people do not have the luxury of being able to spend $3,000 on something like LASEK. For those people, there is a need to find some other way to finance having the procedure done. Since getting LASEK is not immediately necessary, it is something you can wait to get. Waiting will allow you to save all of the money you need for the procedure and save you from going into debt in order to pay for it.

For those who do not like to wait, you can apply for different healthcare credit programs like Care Credit that will pay for your procedure. Keep in mind you will have an interest rate with this so, depending on the payment plan, you will be paying back more than you borrowed.

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