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What is LASEK surgery? Before you get confused, LASEK, with an “E,” is not the same medical procedure as LASIK with an “I.” While both correct vision problems there are differences. The acronym LASEK stands for Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy. This surgical solution combines aspects of both PRK and LASIK to create a vision correction procedure that hopefully combines the advantages to both techniques. It is very effective for patients. LASEK is gaining ground in the world of vision correction surgeries. To understand the cost of LASEK surgery in Virginia, you need to know more about the surgery.

Are there advantages and disadvantages to LASEK? LASEK is supposed to combine the advantages of LASIK and PRK procedures. The LASEK procedure involves creating a thinner flap than during the LASIK procedure. With the flap, it eliminates the need for a contact lens bandage that people have to wear after PRK. The thinner flap also avoids the complications of the thicker LASIK flap. Patients of LASEK report that they suffered less dry eye irritation. That is great for sufferers of allergies or other dry eye conditions. LASEK does involve a longer recovery time that LASIK. Many patients must use extra drops to keep their eyes lubricated longer than with LASIK.

What is the cost of LASEK surgery in Virginia? In the Richmond area, the cost of LASEK surgery runs around $1500 to $2000 per eye. This range of costs depends on who is performing the operation and where they perform it. Hospitals charge more while outpatient facilities are less. Doctors with their own facilities often charge less than those who work out of an outpatient facility. These costs include the surgeon's fee, the cost of the facility, and the anesthesia. With the information on the costs, you can shop around and find out what the cost of LASEK surgery in Virginia really is.

What is the general outcome of LASEK surgery? Most people who have LASEK surgery are very happy with the results. A good percentage of patients have no need for corrective lenses after surgery and recovery. Some may need corrective lenses for close work, but can do without them for far distance viewing. Those who underwent laser surgery a decade or more ago may find they need to go back through the procedure to refine the results. Many say that the time, effort, and cost are well worth it. If you are interested, the first step is to talk to your eye doctor.

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