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Oregon LASIK costs are similar to other states in the region, but slightly higher than the national average across the U.S. You do have to keep in mind that LASIK surgery prices will vary from one doctor to another and there are other factors involved in the quote, as well. Some people will already have a LASIK eye center in mind, while others might be more interested in finding something that they might not have known about, but that is affordable and offers the procedure that they want. No matter what you are looking for, you can find affordable solutions for LASIK surgery throughout Oregon.

Financing may be available from many facilities and providers to help offset the costs of Oregon LASIK procedures. You will have to take the time to check into different surgeons and facilities to see which ones offer payment plans to meet your needs, but this shouldn't be hard to find. You will also need to choose between traditional and new LASIK procedures because the costs vary significantly between the two. New LASIK includes things like custom LASIK, wavefront LASIK, LASEK, PRK, and Epi-LASIK procedures. Of course bladeless or blade-free or all laser LASIK is going to be the most popular because of its advanced technology, but it won't be the cheapest procedure out there.

LASIK treatments are all created differently and that affects Oregon LASIK costs significantly. There are so many different ways for you to go about getting your LASIK surgery but you really should be looking for the best LASIK surgeons first and foremost. The average cost of LASIK in Oregon is about $1800 per eye, but will be more for new procedures and custom LASIK treatments. Always make sure that you think about these elements when it comes to how much does LASIK cost, because they do matter.

LASIK eye surgery allows everyone to have better vision without corrective lenses, which is what makes it so popular. The nature of the procedure makes it an elective one in most cases because insurance companies don't see corrective lenses as a problem. Therefore, affording LASIK surgery is usually the biggest hurdle for any patient. If you are seriously considering LASIK surgery of any kind, you need to know your options and what to expect. Sign up today for our Oregon LASIK surgeon list so that you can find all the information and resources that you need to make the best decision about your LASIK surgery.


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Teplick Custom Vision
143 SW Shevlin Hixon Drive, Suite 101
Bend, OR 97701
The Eye Center
1550 Oak Street
Eugene, OR 97401
Drs. Fine, Hoffman, and Packer Ophthalmologists
1550 Oak St., Suite 5
Eugene, OR 97401
Casey Vision Correction Center
1410 May Street
Hood River, OR 97031
Imperia Laser Eye Center
1333 East Barnett Road
Medford, OR 97504
Pacific ClearVision Institute
48247 Hills Street
Oakridge, OR 97463
Eye Health Northwest, P.C.
1306 Division St.
Oregon City, OR 97045
The East Oregon Surgery Center
1050 Southgate, Suite B
Pendleton, OR 97801
Will Vision & Laser Centers
4949 S.W. Meadows, Suite 125
Portland, OR 97035
Restore Vision Centers
1000 SW Indian Ave.
Sheldon Center
Redmond, OR 97756
Will Vision & Laser Centers
2601 25th St. SE, Suite 120
Salem, OR 97302
Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute
19801 S.W. 72nd Avenue, Suite 150
Tualatin, OR 97062

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The word LASIK is an acronym that stands for Laser-Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis.
Common misspellings include lasic, lasiks, lazik, lasics, lasyk, or lasick.
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