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Lens implant surgery is an innovative new option for eyesight correction. Some patients are not suited to laser eye surgery like LASIK. For these individuals, implantable contact lenses can offer a solution that provides permanent correction. With lens implant surgery, a small contact lens known as an ICL in placed inside the eye rather than on top of it, as removable contact lenses are. A small incision is made in the side of the cornea. Antibiotic drops are used throughout the surgery to prevent infection and a local anesthetic is applied so that the lens implant can be inserted pain free.

Lens implant surgery is usually done one eye at a time. When you're considering the cost of lens implant surgery in Alaska, keep in mind that the prices quoted to you will typically be for a single eye. You will need to double the price for an accurate estimate of what this procedure will cost for both eyes. Most doctors will want to wait at least a week between eyes, and possibly more. Vision recovery after the procedure usually takes one or two days with the full recovery taking up to two weeks. Patients will not be able to drive after the surgery and should have someone accompany them.

The first thing to consider when you're trying to determine the cost of lens implant surgery in Alaska is whether your insurance will pay for it. Some companies may pay for part of the cost, while others will consider it an elective procedure. If your insurance is paying for the procedure, you may need to stay in network and go to a specific provider for coverage. If you're paying for the procedure yourself, you can compare prices at a variety of different locations. This surgery is typically completed in a hospital setting. Prices may be lower in one city than another. Hospital costs are typically lower in Juneau than in Anchorage, for example.

The average price for a lens implant is between $1,500 and $3,000. Prices will vary greatly depending on the specific condition of your eyes. Many patients need to have a lens implant after cataract surgery when their own lens is removed. In these cases, insurance will nearly always pay for the procedure as it is deemed medically necessary at that point. Talk to your ophthalmologist about your options for lens implant surgery and to learn more about the pricing in your individual case. Lens implants aren't right for everyone. If they're appropriate for your vision correction, however, you will have a permanent alternative to glasses and contacts.

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