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When you want to know about the cost of lens implant surgery in Arkansas, you have to understand what the lens of the eye is and what happens during surgery. The lens within the eye bends light and is how the eye focuses. Lens implant surgery is a procedure which is done to improve the vision at all distances. This is a procedure that prevents patients with cataracts from having to wear extremely thick eyeglasses. If you are going to have this procedure done, your doctor will take a number of measurements of the eye before the surgery.

The procedure is known as monofocal lens surgery. Since this is a necessary procedure for many patients, most health insurance providers will pay for the procedure, but you should check with your health insurance company before you schedule the surgery. This type of procedure provides similar results as progressive lenses or bifocals. When your doctor recommends a Toric lens, this procedure not only will help to correct your impaired vision, but will also help you if you have astigmatism. If you donít have a health care plan that will provide you with coverage for vision surgery, some doctors provide financing for their patients.

When you are considering lens implant surgery in Arkansas, you will want to find out about the costs associated with the procedure. In Arkansas, the cost of intraocular lens surgery depends on the area of the state you live in and the doctor you choose to do the surgery. In general terms, the cost of this type of vision surgery is usually between $1,500 and $3,000 for each eye. What you should be aware of is that usually the cost of the surgery is covered when it is done after having a cataract surgically removed, most health insurance providers wonít cover the cost of this type of vision surgery if it is done exclusively to correct impaired vision.

Since vision correction surgery is considered to be elective surgery rather than a necessary procedure for a serious eye problem, most health insurance companies will not provide coverage for the procedure. Even though you may spend considerably more than you had anticipated to have the surgery done, it will save you money over a period of time because you wonít have the need to have prescription eyeglasses replaced when your vision changes. Discuss all the options with your doctor before you decide.

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