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One of the advances in medical science in the past few decades is the ability to replace the lens of the eye with an artificial one. For people dealing with cataracts, these artificial lenses are what give them the ability to see after surgery. It is a common item to have implanted during cataract surgery. However, there are other times when replacing the lens is needed. Myopia is another condition where a lens implant may be necessary. Myopia is nearsightedness. For those who want surgery but find that LASIK is not an option, a lens implant may be the way to go. An eye surgeon can assess the eye and make a recommendation. The cost of lens implant surgery in Maine depends on many factors.

In order to replace the lens, the surgeon first makes an incision along the edge of the existing lens. With cataracts, the surgeon uses a sound to break up the old lens. After removing the remains, the surgeon then slips the new lens into place. With cataracts, the most common type of lens used is a pseudophakic lens which replaces the lens removed. For those doing the surgery for myopia, the most common type of lens used is the phakic lens which allows the eye to focus at different levels. The cost of lens implant surgery in Maine can be influenced by the type of lens that the surgeon implants into the eye.

The cost of lens implant surgery in Maine generally runs around $3500 per eye. That cost covers the surgeon's fee, the facility fee, and the cost of anesthesia. Most insurance companies will cover part of the cost. However, for those without insurance, searching around for the best price can be a good thing. Doctors that do this as in an outpatient facility generally cost less than when it is done in a hospital. It is fair to talk to several facilities around Maine to see how much it costs. Find the best deal.

People who need lens implant surgery often have other medical issues to handle at the same time. It is important to keep that in mind when searching for someone to do this surgery. Some medical conditions can be aggravated by surgery or by procedures done to the eyes. Keep that in mind when thinking about this surgery. Since treating myopia with this surgical procedure is optional, it is important to weight eh risks with the advantages of this procedure.

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