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Cost of Lens Implant Surgery in Montana

There are many factors to consider when you're looking into the cost of lens implant surgery in Montana. The most important consideration is why you're getting this surgery. Lens implants are most commonly used as part of cataract surgery. Cataracts cause clouding on the surface of the eye that makes it difficult to see. When cataract surgery is performed, the eye's natural lens is usually removed and an artificial lens implanted in the eye. When this is being done, the surgeon may also take additional measures to improve the patient's overall eyesight with this lens. There are both standard and high tech lenses that offer varying levels of improvement.

If you're having lens implant surgery along with cataract surgery, much of the cost will be covered by your insurance. While the whole procedure may cost several thousand dollars, the patient's responsibility with insurance such as Medicaid may be less than $1,000. If you choose to have a corrective lens that helps with nearsightedness or shortsightedness, you will pay a little more. High tech lenses are more expensive as well. You should check with your eye doctor as well as your insurance company to assess the best lens implant options for your individual situation and the costs associated with each.

Some patients elect to have lens implant surgery done for vision correction only. With an elective procedure like this, insurance coverage is not available. You will need to pay for the cost of the procedure yourself. Lens implant surgery for vision correction typically costs between $5,000 and $6,000 in Montana. A consultation with your ophthalmologist will help you determine exactly how much this procedure will be in your case. Lens implants are usually done one at a time. If you're travelling to an eye surgery center that's not close to your home, you should be prepared for the cost of travel involved with two separate operations.

If you find that you can't afford to pay for the cost of lens implant surgery in Montana upfront, there are many different financing options that are available to you. Many eye surgeons in Montana will offer Care Credit. This is a plan that works like a credit card. You can charge the procedure to your Care Credit account and pay for it in incremental amounts over several months. Other surgeons may offer financing through their office. After lens implant surgery, patients can often see without the use of glasses, so the cost of the surgery may be offset over time with the money you'll save by no longer buying new glasses.

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