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If you have poor vision, you may be considering whether or not lens implant surgery is the right choice for you. If you have cataracts, you really do not have a choice on whether or not to get the surgery because lens implants are the only way to correct cataracts. However, if you just want to correct your poor vision, you have several options available with lens implantation just being one of them. You have to consider the cost of the procedure and which one will be better for your vision in the long run.

The types of lens implants available are: intraocular lenses, implantable contact lenses, and refractive lens exchange. Intraocular lenses are what the surgeon uses when you are getting lens implant surgery because of cataracts. You can either get monofocal intraocular lenses, which only allow you to focus on one set distance, or you can get multifocal ones, which allow you to focus on differing distances at the same time. Implantable contact lenses are pretty simple to understand: they are much higher quality prescription contacts that are implanted onto your eyes. Then there is the refractive lens exchange. The only thing the surgeon does during this procedure is take the original lens off of the eye and replaces it with another one that is a non-prescription lens.

When you get lens implant surgery because of cataracts, your insurance is likely to help pay for the cost since it is medically necessary. However, when you get it just to correct your vision, the patient has to shoulder all of the cost themselves. For some people that puts an end to their dream of getting lens implant surgery because the average cost for the procedure in New Mexico is around $3,000 per eye. However, no matter how much of the lens implant surgery cost in New Mexico that you have to pay for out of your pocket, there are plenty of options you can consider.

If you have cataracts, you will likely need the lens implant surgery as soon as possible. If that is the case, then you look at taking out a loan from a bank to help pay for whatever your insurance will not cover. You can also use your health savings account to pay for it, if you have one of those. For those getting it for vision correction only, you can wait and save up all of the money you need to pay for the procedure before scheduling to have it done.

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