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Lens implant surgery is performed on patients with vision disorders such as cataracts or nearsightedness. The intraocular lens surgically replaces the cloudy or damaged lens that is causing the vision disturbances. This is one of the most common corrective eye surgeries performed on patients. The lens that is implanted is made of flexible material. A cut is made in the tissue, and the lens is taken out. The new replacement lens is folded in to the cut created on the tissue layer of the eye. The new lens is moved into place to cover the cornea.

The cost of lens implant surgery in Oklahoma can vary according to what eye surgery center the surgery is performed in, the refractive eye surgeon who performs the surgery and the type of lens that is used to replace the lens taken out. An average cost of this surgery in Oklahoma is $4,000 per eye. Additional costs can be added for special lenses such as the Visian Implantable Collamer lens, which is placed in the middle of the iris and the eye’s existing lens. This type of surgery does not include removal of the lens, because the new lens supplements for the vision disturbances.

Certain insurance companies cover the cost of lens implant surgery in Oklahoma. Typically the insurance covers this surgery if other treatments have been attempted but have failed. Medicare covers approximately 80% of the cost of this type of surgery when performed on patients with cataracts. The additional 20% is paid by the patient as copay. Private insurance companies will vary in approval for this type of surgery. PPO insurances generally require a deductible be met by the patient before the surgery is covered. HMO insurance will approve the surgery on a case by case situation.

This procedure can benefit many people who have suffered with cataracts and other vision disturbances by replacing the lens with a new lens. This clears the vision up allowing for more clarity and less glare and blurriness. The surgeries are most commonly performed in eye surgery centers by eye surgeons on a daily basis. They can also be performed in a hospital when necessary. There are eye surgery centers in many cities of Oklahoma including Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Edmond. One of the largest centers that perform this particular laser correction surgery is the Eye Surgery Center of Tulsa. They perform lens implant surgeries using different types of lenses according to the condition of the patient.

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