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Cost of Lens Implant Surgery in Rhode Island

Lens implants are typically used in conjunction with cataract surgery. When you're considering the cost of lens implant surgery in Rhode Island the first thing you should look into is your insurance coverage. For most patients, basic cataract surgery is covered. If you have additional vision problems, you'll have the option of lens implants that correct these as well. Your insurance may or may not cover these types of lenses. For standard lens implant surgery, the average cost is about $1,500 to $2,500 per eye. With more advanced lenses, the costs can increase to $3,000 or $4,000 depending on the specific lens that you choose.

The most basic form of lens implant is a monofocal lens. This will correct distance vision but does not offer help for any other types of vision problems. A multifocal lens implant corrects distance vision, arms length vision, and close reading vision. With this type of lens, you may be able to put away your glasses for good. If you have astigmatism where your eye is shaped like a football instead or having an even rounded shape, a toric lens implant can correct this problem for you. Your ophthalmologist can explain all the different lens options that are appropriate for your individual case.

New high tech lens advancements come out all the time. There are lenses that block ultraviolet light or offer crystal clear quality that's superior to more basic lenses. The more advanced your lens is, the more you'll be paying for it. Insurance companies do not usually cover these advanced features, so the extra cost will need to be covered out of pocket. If you elect to have a lens implant for vision correction only, without cataract surgery, your insurance may not pay for any portion of the procedure as it will be considered entirely elective, much like LASIK laser vision correction.

When you're considering the cost of lens implant surgery in Rhode Island, you should tally up how much you pay every year or two for glasses or contact lenses. Keep in mind that the right lens could eliminate this cost completely. With a mid range lens, you may get to trade out your everyday glasses for a pair that you use only for reading. There are lots of factors that will come into play. In the end, you may find that the best lenses let you come out ahead, even with their out of pocket costs, by eliminating your need for contacts or glasses. There are many benefits to having good lens implants.

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