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For people who need or want to get lens implant surgery in Utah, there are some things that need to be considered. First, you have to think about which type of lens implant you need. There are three different ones to choose from. Next, you need to think about the cost, because the only way the lens implant surgery will be covered by insurance is if it is for cataracts. Finally, if you do have to pay for it all yourself, you need to think about how you are going to get the money to pay for it. Those are not such easy questions to answer either.

The three different types of lens implants are: implantable contact lenses, refractive lens exchange, and intraocular lenses. Implantable contact lenses are one of the elective procedures that insurance will not cover. Implantable contact lenses are pretty much just a way to correct your vision without having to use a laser or cutting. Refractive lens exchange is just whenever the surgeon takes away your natural eye lens and replaces it with a new lens. The return of vision problems is much quicker with this lens implant method, so only go with this option if your surgeon says it is the best one for you.

The final type of lens implant is the intraocular lenses. These lens implants are covered by most insurance plans because they are used for cataracts patients. You can either get monovision IOL's, which allow for focusing on long distances, or you can get multifocal IOL's, which allow you to focus no matter what distance. Insurance will likely only pay for the monovision IOL's, so you need to keep that in mind when you are deciding which type of IOL you want to get to correct your cataracts.

Almost as important as deciding which lens implant you need to get, is thinking about the total cost of the implants. Unless you have cataracts, you have to pay for the entire lens implant surgery in Utah out of your own money. The average cost for lens implant surgery in Utah is around $3,800 per eye, but it can vary if you get different lens implants. If you are stuck with having to pay for the whole thing alone, you can talk with your eye surgeon about any financing options. If nothing else, you can get a loan from a bank so that you can get your Utah lens implant surgery done.

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Eye Institute of Utah
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6360 South 3000 East, Suite 200
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