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Medical conditions like cataracts and myopia can often cause the eyes natural lens to become damaged. When the eye's natural lens is damaged it can result in loss of vision, blurred vision and other difficulties with eyesight. There are several different procedures that can be performed to treat these types of problems, but the most common type of surgery is a lens implant surgery. Performed by an eye doctor in their clinic or at a hospital, this lens implant surgery can correct vision problems before it results in blindness.

Lens implant surgery involves having an eye doctor go in and replacing the natural lens of the eye. There are two types of surgery that can be performed. The type of surgery that is performed will depend on the reason for the surgery. Pseudophakic lens implant surgery is used to correct clouding of the eyes due to cataracts. While phakic intraocular lens procedures can be used to treat astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. During both procedures patients are put under a local anesthesia and are kept awake during the procedure.

There are very few risks associated with lens implant surgery in West Virginia. The risks associated with this surgery include infections, lens rotation, inflammation and a loosening of the lens. While there are risks involved medical researchers believe that this type of lens replacement surgery is safer than other types of laser eye treatments as it has fewer side effects and risks. The recovery time associated with this surgery is longer than other types of corrective eye surgery. Patients will have to wait two to three weeks for recovery. During the recovery time patients are unable to engage in strenuous activities or exposure their eyes to light for prolonged periods of time.

Lens implant surgery in West Virginia will cost approximately $3,000 per eye. The cost of the surgery will vary depending upon the experience of the doctors, area of specialty, where the procedure is performed, and what part of the state the procedure is performed in. Lens implant surgery can cost up to $5,000 per eye. In most cases of lens implant surgery health insurance will help cover the out-of-pocket expenses. Most insurance companies will cover lens implant surgery if it has been deemed a medical necessity. Eye doctors will determine it is a medical necessity if there are pain or vision problems that interfere with your daily life or favorite activities.

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