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PRK Surgery is the abbreviation for Photorefractive Keratectomy. This procedure is performed for patients who are good candidates for the eye surgery. Many patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness with or without astigmatism have had vision correction with this procedure. The PRK surgery in Alaska is typically performed in a surgical eye center by a qualified and experienced eye surgeon. This is a laser surgery that corrects the shape of the cornea with a light that emits and reshapes the area of the cornea that is misshaped and causes vision disturbances. When the procedure is performed the epithelium layer of the eye is removed and discarded.

When an eye doctor performs PRK surgery, it is typically not covered by most insurance because it is normally considered an elective procedure. Many surgical eye centers offer a financial plan that can offer monthly payments in lieu of the entire payment upfront. This is convenient for patients do not have this type of cash on hand to spend on this surgery. The average cost of PRK surgery in Alaska is $1,300 per eye. This price largely depends on the surgeonís experience and reputation in the industry as well as the medical facility he has a practice at.

Prior to the PRK surgery, the patient should discuss the preparation that is necessary before the surgery is done. Patients who wear contacts should check with their eye surgeon to find out when they should stop wearing the,. Certain contacts should not be work for three weeks prior to surgery while others may have a longer time they need to be off before surgery is performed. During the surgery, the surgeon will apply topical anesthesia to numb the eye. This is so the patient will not feel pain when the surgery is performed by the laser.

Since the PRK surgery is an outpatient procedure in Alaska, the patient will be sent home directly following the surgery. The eye is bandaged with a special contact lens to cover the area that surgery was performed. This is to allow the area to heal. This special bandage is removed after the eye has healed. Many follow up visits to the eye doctor will be required to make sure that the eye is healing properly and that there are no issues that need to be addressed. Although the healing time is a bit longer than other laser eye surgeries, this particular surgery typically has far better results.

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