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Laser eye surgery can correct a personís vision when they are nearsighted or farsighted whether they have astigmatism or not. A specific type of laser eye surgery called photorefractive keratectomy, also called PRK surgery uses no metal blade to cut through the eye. Most surgeries of this type use a blade to make an incision and create what is called a corneal flap. This is where they are able to reach the cornea and change its shape. The odd shape of a personís cornea is the main cause for such vision problems, and when this is corrected a person is able to see well.

During the PRK surgery in Idaho an eye doctor uses a laser light to emit energy through the eye. This does not cause damage to any part of the eye as it reaches the cornea. It takes about one to two minutes for the laser to do its job. Then the epithelium is removed using an alcohol based solution. Once this is removed, the doctor will place a special contact lens over the eye and this will protect the cornea temporarily until the body regenerates a new epithelium layer. This takes time and is part of the healing process.

The cost of PRK in Idaho is an average of $1,200 per eye. The cost can be higher if the eye correction is more extensive. Many experienced surgeons that have many credentials may also charge a higher fee to perform the surgery on patients. Insurance companies typically do not cover the costs of this procedure because it is considered elective. There are many other options that can be available at the surgical eye center such as a line of credit that will allow monthly payments to be made until the sum is completely paid.

After the PRK surgery is performed, it can take up to three months for a person to have a full recovery, although some patients are fully healed in one monthís time. The healing is a bit slower than LASIK or LASEK surgery, but the results often surpass that of the other laser eye surgeries. PRK surgery is offered to patients who are good candidates for this type of surgery. The eye doctor will complete a full eye examination to determine if a patient is a good candidate or not. Many people have seen great results after they have this corrective eye surgery, and some no longer need to wear corrective lenses in order to see.

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