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Photorefractive Keratectomy surgery, also called PRK surgery is a form of laser surgery that is used to correct the vision in people with vision problems. Common vision problems that can be corrected with this type of surgery are nearsightedness and farsightedness that can be accompanied by astigmatism. Patients who are good candidates for this type of refractive eye surgery will have their cornea reshaped so that the light refracts off this area of the eye and allows the vision to be clearer. Many people have seen vision correction due to this surgery that is widely used.

In Iowa, PRK surgery is typically performed in a surgical eye center or an eye doctorís office. The entire procedure only lasts about 15 minutes per eye. The eye doctor will use eye drops to numb the eye before the surgery is done and then the laser is used to reshape the cornea. This part of the surgery only takes about tone to two minutes to complete. There are no incisions made by a metal blade as in other laser surgeries. The epithelium is removed sing a solution of alcohol. The eye is patched using a special contact lens that protects the eye from infection while the body generates a new epithelium layer.

This surgery is done on an outpatient basis, so the patient will be able to go home right after the surgery is complete. They will need a driver because the patient cannot drive after surgery. After a few days, the doctor will typically schedule a follow up visit to check the healing and remove contact lens. The full healing in most patients will take place in about a month. Some people take about three months to completely heal. The doctor will be able to gauge how much the vision will be corrected after the eye has healed from the surgery.

PRK surgery in Iowa costs an average of $1,200 per eye. This price can be higher if the patient has extensive vision problems. The price will also depend upon the surgeonís expertise and experience. Insurance companies do not normally cover this type of surgery because it is considered to be an elective procedure. There are financial plans that are available in most eye doctorís offices that give the ability for the patient to make payments over time until the total sum is paid in full. This can take the big financial burden off the patient and make the surgery more attainable for most people.

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