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Kentucky PRK Surgery

Laser eye surgery is widely used in Kentucky to correct the vision of many people. PRK laser surgery is a specific method that is used to reshape the cornea of the eye by using a cool beam ultraviolet laser light that reshapes the cornea from the top of the eye, but not damaging the layers as it penetrates to the cornea. This is a highly specific and accurate laser eye surgery. Many patients who have received this surgery have their vision corrected to 20/20 without having to wear glasses. A small percentage will have 20/40 vision after the surgery, but this is considered a success for many people who suffer from poor vision.

People who no longer want to deal with the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts make elect to have this surgery done. It is normally not covered by insurance companies because it is an elective surgery. The average cost for PRK surgery in Kentucky is approximately $1,500 for each eye. Many eye doctors will offer a financial arrangement such as a line of credit or payment arrangements that allow monthly payments to be made in lieu of paying the full amount up front. This can be helpful for patients who are on a budget or do not have this much cash on hand.

PRK surgery is a good option for patients with thin corneas that are not eligible for LASIK surgery. Due to the method that is used, patients who are not candidates for other laser surgeries can often have the PRK surgery. During the surgery the laser corrects the shape of the cornea. This portion of the surgery only takes about one to two minutes. The total procedure takes 15 minutes with each eye. Most eye doctors will only recommend having the procedure done on one eye at a time considering the healing time may be too long for both eyes.

Follow up doctor’s appointments are typically scheduled for after the surgery to make sure that everything is healing normally. If there are any signs of inflammation or infection these are treated with antibiotic or anti-inflammatory eye drops. Most people heal in about one month, although it can take up to three months for the eyes to heal for this surgery. After the procedure is done, most people can see their corrected vision within the first month. This surgery normally alleviates the need to wear glasses or contacts in order to see.

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