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Laser eye surgery can be beneficial in correcting a personís eye problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. This can also be helpful in correcting astigmatism. Certain types of laser eye surgeries such as LASIK cannot be performed on people who have thin corneas. PRK surgery, which is called photorefractive keratectomy, can be performed on these patients as well as others because the cornea of the eye is reshaped form the front instead of the back, and it is done with a laser that uses a cool beam of ultraviolet light. This does not disturb the other layers of the eye.

PRK surgery in Maine is typically done at either a surgical eye center or an eye doctorís office. The cost of this surgery in the state of Maine is an average of $1,500 for each eye. This price will largely depend on the extent of correction that is needed and how many problems are corrected in the eye. A surgeonís background and expertise are often a factor in their price for performing the surgery. Many experienced surgeons with high credentials will cost more than new surgeons just starting out in the medical industry.

The patient will typically need to have their contact lenses off for at least three weeks prior to the surgery date. Some specialty contact lenses will need to be off for a longer period. This will have an effect on the success of the surgery. The eye doctor usually explains all of the preparatory information in the consultation and examination that is done before the surgery takes place. They will also examine the patientís eyes with several different tools such as blowing air into the eye and measuring the sight. During this examination the doctor can determine whether the patient will be a good candidate for the PRK surgery.

On the day of the surgery, the patient will arrive to the surgery center with a person who will be able to drive them home. The patient will not be able to drive after the surgery. The doctor will administer eye drops that numb the eye. Once the eye is numb the laser will be pointed directly at the cornea and the reshaping takes place. The epithelium layer of the eye is removed and a special contact lens is place over the area. This will act as a bandage until the eye heals enough. The doctor will remove this lens at a follow up visit. The eye normally heals within one to three months after the surgery.

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