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Laser eye surgery is a commonly performed surgery in Maryland. PRK surgery is photorefractive keratectomy surgery that corrects a personís vision by changing the shape of the cornea inside the eye. This area is access with a cool laser beam with an ultraviolet light. The light shines through the layers of the eye and when it reaches the cornea, to can manipulate the shape without damaging the outer layers of the eye. This is why the PRK surgery is one of the least risky surgeries performed using a laser. Most of the patients have 20/20 vision after the surgery is performed.

The cost of the PRK surgery in Maryland varies according to the amount of work needed to correct eh vision. People who have nearsightedness or farsightedness and even those with astigmatism have been able to have good results with this surgery. The average cost for this surgery in the state is $2,000 and up. The expertise and experience of the eye doctor will have an effect on the amount that this surgery costs. Sometimes a surgical center that has high tech equipment will cost more than a procedure that is done in a doctorís office.

Before the surgery begins, the eye surgeon or his/her staff will put eye drops into the eye to numb the area so that the patient does not feel any pain. This will take about ten minutes to take effect. Once the eye is number, the laser is used to shape the eye to a correct shape. The epithelium is removed and the eye is bandaged with a temporary contact lens. This lens will stay in to protect the eye until it heals properly. The doctor will remove this bandage at the follow up visit. The patient will feel some discomfort such as red irritated eye that have a scratchy feeling as though there is something in their eye. This will subside with time as the eye heals.

This surgery is highly accurate and very successful in most patients. Due to the fact that this surgery is performed using no metal blade to cut with, this is considered a low risk surgery. Most people heal within a month, although it does take others about three months. Within one year, the personís vision should be complete corrected to the point that the doctor expected. Regular follow up visits with the doctor will track the progress of the healing.

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