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Massachusetts PRK Surgery

Many people have laser eye surgery to correct their vision. PRK surgery is especially good for patients who are either nearsighted or farsighted. This can also correct astigmatism in some people. This surgery is a photorefractive keratectomy that reshapes the cornea with a laser to correct the vision in this eye. The reason for the vision problems in many people that are nearsighted or farsighted is due to the cornea being an odd shape. This can be corrected with this laser that emits a cool beam of ultraviolet light. This light penetrates through the layers of the eye to reach the cornea stroma.

The cornea is protected by a layer of film tissue called epithelium. This is removed from the patientís eye using an alcohol solution that weakens the tissue. During the surgery when this part of the eye is removed, a bandage is placed on this area in the form of a temporary contact. This protects the eye as the epithelium does until this area grows back. The body regenerates the epithelium within days of removal. Most people who have this surgery will have their bandage removed by the third day after the procedure during their follow up appointment.

PRK surgery in Massachusetts costs an average of $1,500 - $1,800 per eye. The cost can vary for many different reasons of which may include the expertise of the doctor, the amount of correction that is needed in the patientí s eye and the location that the surgery will take place. In the state of Massachusetts, this procedure is usually done at a surgical eye center or a private eye doctorís practice. Insurance companies do not normally pay for this type of surgery because it is considered to be an elective procedure. There are plenty of financial arrangements that are available through these surgical centers that can make it easier financially. Many people make payments each month until the entire sum is paid.

PRK surgery is a very successful surgery option that is highly accurate in correction. Most people have 20/20 vision without the need for contacts after this surgery was performed. This is a fantastic option for someone who is tired of the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts every day in order to see. Many people who wanted to have LASIK eye surgery performed could not due to a thin cornea, but the PRK surgery can be performed on those with this problem. Many people have had a great outcome.

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