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Montana has many eye surgeons who perform laser eye surgery for patients that need vision correction. Some people are tired of the hassle that comes with wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses. These people opt to have laser eye correction surgery. One type of surgery that is commonly used is called PRK surgery. This is a photorefractive keratectomy surgery that corrects a personís vision by changing the shape of the cornea to refract light more effectively. People who have nearsightedness or farsightedness often have vision correction with laser eye surgery. Even some people with astigmatism have this surgery to correct the problem.

There are many surgical centers and eye doctorís offices that perform PRK surgery in Montana. The cost for this surgery is typically less expensive than LASIK or LASEK surgeries, which are types of laser eye surgeries as well. The average cost for PRK surgery in Montana is about $1,200-$1,500 per eye. This is an elective type of procedure, so most insurance companies do not cover the out of pocket costs associated with the surgery. Many patients take advantage of the financial payment plans that are offered through the surgeonís office. This can be helpful for people who do not have the entire sum of cash upfront at the time of the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, patients are advised to have a driver arranged to take them home because they will be unable to drive. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes per eye, and only one to two minutes of this time is for the laser to reshape the cornea. The epithelium layer of the eye is removed using an alcohol solution that weakens and loosens the layer of film that is made from tissue. This protects the cornea. After the surgery, a contact lens that acts as a bandage is put in its place until this layer grows back, usually for about three days.

After the surgery, the doctor typically has the patient come back for several follow up visits. The doctor will examine for complications such as infection or inflammation. If either of these complications is present, the doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory eye drop to medicate the eye. Most patients heal within one month, but some take up to three months. There may be some discomfort for the patient during this healing process such as irritated red eyes that feel scratchy as if there is something in the eye. This will subside when the eye is healed.

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