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New Hampshire has many surgical eye centers that perform laser eye surgeries. PRK surgery is a specific type of laser eye surgery called photorefractive keratectomy surgery. This is a method of correcting a personís vision using a laser without cutting the eye with a metal blade. This is considered one of the safest eye surgeries because there is a low risk of perforation due to the fact that no metal blade is used. This surgery differs from the LASIK procedure because it does not require cutting a corneal flap like LASIK does to access the cornea.

PRK surgery reshapes the cornea of the eye which can help the eye to properly refract light to the retina. This results in good vision. People who are tired of hassling with wearing glasses or contact lenses may opt for PRK surgery. Most patients who have this procedure performed no longer need to wear these corrective lenses in order to see properly. Prior to the surgery the patient will typically need to remove their contact lenses for about three weeks before the procedure date is set. This will provide better results for the patient. The doctor will normally give these instructions during their examination before the procedure.

In New Hampshire, PRK surgery normally costs about $1,500 and up. There are many factors that can contribute to the cost of the surgery. Some factors include the amount of vision correction needed, if the patient has astigmatism correction needed and also the type of surgical center or doctorís office that the procedure will be performed in. Some eye surgeons with high level credentials and many years of experience may charge more than doctors who do not. Insurance will usually not cover this type of surgery because it is considered elective in most cases. Patients can often take advantage of financial plans available to make monthly payments.

Patients usually take an average of one to three months to heal from this surgery, which is considerably longer than other laser eye surgeries. The patient may experience more mild discomfort than with the other procedures as well. The results are usually much better when the PRK surgery is performed. The highly accurate laser correction that is performed is highly successful in correcting many vision problems without complications. It can take up to one year for patients to see the full results of their PRK eye surgery. Most patients are able to see clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses after the procedure.

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