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Laser surgeries can offer some of the best outcomes for vision correction. Many people who are tired of wearing glasses or having the hassles of contacts turn to this type of surgery for the convenience and benefits of gaining vision improvement. PRK surgery is a very commonly used procedure in Oregon by many surgical centers and private eye doctors in the state. This surgery involves using a laser like other surgeries of this kind, to correct the shape of the cornea that refracts the light to the retina. Oddly shaped corneas can result in poor vision such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

During the PRK surgery, the epithelium layer of the eye, which is a protectant film that layers over the cornea, is removed using an alcohol solution. This solution weakens the tissue in the layer and loosens it so that it can easily be removed without damaging the eye. Once this layer has been removed, the cornea can be penetrated with the laser. PRK surgery uses a cool beam laser light that is ultraviolet, but it does not go through the cornea. This laser works on the surface of the cornea to reshape it. This is done without making a cut with a metal blade.

Many other laser eye surgeries use a blade to cut a corneal flap in the eye. This gives access to the cornea to manipulate its shape that corrects the vision. The PRK surgery is widely used in the state of Oregon typically in a surgical eye center or a private eye doctor’s office. The average cost of this surgery in the state is approximately $1,200 per eye. This price can vary according to the skill level of the surgeon who performs the procedure and the level of vision correction that is needed.

The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes of which only one to two minutes are used by the actual laser. This is an outpatient surgery so the patient will go home directly afterwards. They will need a driver because the patient will be unable to drive after. A follow up visit to the doctor will take place, and about three days after the surgery the doctor will remove the temporary clear contact lens that is used as a bandage over the cornea until the new epithelium grows back. The healing will take about one to three months. There will be some mild discomfort until the eye heals, but this surgery is highly successful.

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