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Laser eye surgery is commonly performed in Rhode Island. There are several types of laser eye surgeries that are performed on patients with various vision impairments. One of these surgeries is called the PRK surgery. This is a photorefractive keratectomy. Many people with common vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness have their vision corrected with this surgery. Sometimes these patients are able to see with 20/20 vision after the surgery without wearing corrective contact lenses or glasses. It is considered a success when a person can see with 20/40 vision without these corrections.

PRK surgery is a low risk surgery and can even be performed on some patientís eyes that LASIK cannot. Some people have eye conditions such as thin corneas or excessive dry eyes and they are not good candidates for LASIK surgery. These patients can still have vision correction with PRK surgery because the laser does not penetrate through the cornea and disturb the layers underneath even with thin corneas. This procedure uses a highly accurate laser that is able to reshape the cornea allowing the vision to correct. Most people who have common eyesight problems such as being nearsighted or farsighted have oddly shaped corneas. With the correction of the shape, the vision will be able to refract light properly.

When the patient arrives to the surgery center, the eye doctor or assistant will put anesthetic eye drops into the patientís eye to numb the area so they feel no pain. After this takes effect, the epithelium layer is removed by using an alcohol mixture that weakens the tissue and loosens the layer of protectant film form the eye so it can be removed. The cool beam ultraviolet laser light is directed towards to cornea in a precise position measure by the doctor with a special microscope type tool.

The doctor will place a clear contact like bandage over the cornea that will act as the protectant epithelium layer until it grows back within about three days. The patientís eye will heal in one to three months. The average cost of PRK surgery in Rhode Island is about $1,500 per eye. This is normally not covered by insurance since it is an elective surgery. There are many payment options that many eye surgeonsí offices have available for patients who do not have this sum of money upfront for the surgery. These patients are usually able to make payment plans through a financial program.

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