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PRK surgery is a special type of laser eye surgery that can correct a personís vision. Many people who have conditions such as nearsightedness or farsightedness are able to have vision correction with this type of procedure. PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. The laser used in this procedure is a cool beam ultraviolet light that emits energy. It can be used to change the shape of a personís cornea which can result in a correction of vision. Many people with common vision problems have a misshaped cornea. This laser can fix the problem in a matter of minutes.

The entire PRK procedure can be completed within about 15 minutes. The doctor will numb the eye with special eye drops. There is no general anesthesia needed for this type of surgery. This is an outpatient procedure so the patient can go home directly after the surgery. Once the eye drops take effect and the eye is numb, the doctor will remove the epithelium layer of the eye. This is removed using a special solution mad of alcohol. This weakens the protective tissue that covers the cornea so it can be removed. The laser is pointed at the cornea and a doctor uses a special microscope that can look through the eye to reshape the cornea.

There are many surgical centers or eye doctorís office that perform this surgery in Vermont. The average cost for PRK surgery in Vermont is about $1,400 per eye. This is an average because several factors can affect the price of this surgery such as the experience level of the doctor, the surgical center or doctorís office that the surgery is performed in and the patientís specific eye condition that will be corrected. Most insurance companies do not cover this surgery because it is elective. There are however, other payment arrangements that the doctorís office usually has information on.

After the surgery, the doctor will see the patient to take off the special bandage that protects the cornea. This bandage is in the form of a contact lens and it is put on in place of the epithelium layer until it grows back within three days. It can take one to three months for the eye to heal. It can take up to a year for the patient to see with their optimum vision capabilities post-surgery. Many people can reach 20/20 vision without the use of corrective lenses.

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