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PRK Surgery is a type of laser surgery defined as photorefractive keratectomy surgery. This type of laser procedure is a bit different from the other laser surgeries like LASEK and LASIK in that there is no metal blade that is used to cut the layer of the eye with. In other laser eye surgeries a corneal flap is cut to remove a layer of the eye called the epithelium that covers the cornea. With PRK surgery, this flap is not needed, because the epithelium layer is removed using a solution of alcohol. The laser penetrates through to the cornea without disturbing the other areas of the eye.

Since there is no metal blade used in this procedure, it is considered less risky. Although the other laser surgeries are considered safe, there is a bit more risk of even small amounts of damage that can occur when the corneal flap is created. PRK surgery in DC is widely used by eye surgeons to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Patients who have this surgery may also have astigmatism. The results are often better than other surgeries but the healing and discomfort may last a bit longer.

The cost of this surgery can vary according to the severity of the eye condition and the experience level of the eye surgeon who is performing the surgery. The average cost of PRK surgery in DC is about $1,500 per eye. Insurance companies do not typically cover the cost of this procedure because it is considered an elective procedure. Most surgical centers offer financial programs that patients can take advantage of. This typically involves a lone of credit where payments can be made over a period of time until he full balance is paid off. This makes it a bit easier to pay for the surgery without having to pay the full amount upfront.

Patients may experience some discomfort after the topical anesthesia wears off. It may feel as if there is something scratchy in the eye area. The healing process can take from one month to three months to completely heal. The eye doctor will require follow up visits to track the healing and offer a prognosis. This is also the time to catch any possible problems such as inflammation from infection. These are easily treated with antibiotic or corticosteroid eye drops. Most patients will have an evident correction in their vision once the eyes heal from the procedure.

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