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Although the term Strabismus may not be familiar to most individuals, anyone that has ever come across to person whose eyes seemed crossed has probably seen a case of Strabismus. This condition involves a misalignment of the eyes that affects as many as 5% of children. Unfortunately, many individuals make the mistake of believing that this condition will simply go away as a child grows out of it. Actually treating this condition requires professional care and, possibly, even surgery. Strabismus surgery in Alabama is available for individuals who needed in order to correct this condition, but it's not always the first choice of physicians.

The first step to dealing with this condition is consulting with a pediatrician or ophthalmologist. If an individual suffering from a relatively minor case of Strabismus, they may require little more than regular monitoring. If, on the other hand, an individual is suffering from a more severe case of Strabismus, the physician may recommend Strabismus surgery. An ophthalmologist will carefully examine an individual's eyes to see if it is possible to correct the condition using classes. Regular exercise will also be recommended to help strengthen the eyes, although exercise is not likely to actually cure the condition.

If a physician determines that the best alternative is Strabismus surgery in Alabama, the surgeon will detach the outside muscle of the affected eye and reattach it further back in order to weaken the strength and pull of the muscle. If, on the other hand, the muscle causing the misalignment is too weak than the surgeon will reduce the strength of the opposite muscle in order to help balance out the function of both muscles. This type of surgery is relatively safe, but an individual should be aware of any and all risks before they undergo this or any other type of elective surgery.

Fortunately for individuals in the state, there are a number of highly qualified surgeons capable of successfully performing Strabismus surgery in Alabama. Although the vast majority of individuals affected by Strabismus our children, certain adults who have developed the condition after previously having normal alignment of the eyes may benefit from what is known as adjustable suture Strabismus surgery. It is important for an individual to consult with their physician about all of the available options before undergoing surgery, but many individuals are able to reap the benefits that come from properly aligned eyes once they have undergone this particular procedure at the hands of a highly qualified surgeon in Alabama.

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