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Strabismus is an eye condition in which there is a lack of control between eye muscles. This can be caused by a nervous system disorder, hormone imbalance, injury, or even poor vision that has gone uncorrected. The eye will turn up, down, in, or out in a particular direction. Strabismus can be constant where the eye is always turning in said direction, or intermittent, where the eye only turns at certain times. Conditions such as stress or fatigue are common triggers of intermittent strabismus. If you're having trouble with your vision or have difficulty controlling your eye movements, you should see an ophthalmologist.

There are many different treatments for strabismus. Surgery is a common choice that will resolve the problem permanently. Since this is an invasive procedure, your doctor may want to try eye drops or glasses first. If you've decided on surgery as the best option for your strabismus, you may be wondering about strabismus surgery in Alaska and what this will entail. This surgical procedure is done in a hospital. Before scheduling your surgery, you should check with your insurance to make sure you choose a provider and hospital that are covered by your plan. Most ophthalmologists will carry privileges at a specific hospital.

If your insurance plan gives you a choice of hospitals in Alaska, it may be worthwhile to call around and compare prices for this procedure. Eye surgery can range from more than $10,000 at Alaska Native Medical Center to less than $4,000 at Providence Alaska Medical Center according to New Choice Health. The greatest concentrations of hospitals in Alaska are found in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Providence Alaska Medical Center and Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage were rated the best hospitals in Alaska by US News. Strabismus surgery is a simple one-day procedure. Patients are typically released to go home in a few hours.

For details about strabismus surgery in Alaska, it's important to talk to your individual doctor. There are many different ways that this procedure can be performed. The goal of this surgery is to strengthen the eye muscles for the affected eye. This can be done by repositioning some of the muscles on the eye, tightening eye muscles, or reattaching extraocular muscles by means of a small stitch. In some cases, muscles may need to be loosened as well. Pain and redness are not uncommon after this procedure. The exact process that will be used for your strabismus surgery will affect how long the pain and redness may last.

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