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Strabismus is a vision condition that often appears in childhood and that many people deal with for their entire lives. It presents itself as a noticeable misalignment of the eyes which causes one or both to appear to wander or move independently of the other. While it does not always impact the ability of the patient to see things clearly, it can be problematic and can occur with other problems. Strabismus frequently occurs alongside nystagmus, the inability of both eyes to focus directly on objects, typically objects that are close at hand near the center of the patient's field of vision.

The range of treatments available for strabismus depends upon the underlying cause of the problem. When strabismus appears alongside nystagmus, California doctors often recommend eye patching. Eye patching can strengthen the eye that is not patched by forcing it to focus. However, this is not always appropriate, especially in cases where both eyes are affected and patching may weaken one. Adult patients with strabismus are frequently referred to special eye clinics to have the underlying problem surgically corrected -- a patient should learn about strabismus surgery in California to decide whether this is the right approach for his or her budget and lifestyle.

When strabismus is caused by neurological issues that inhibit the ability of the eyes to focus, only behavioral interventions can help. However, the underlying cause for most California strabismus patients has to do with the small number of muscles that help move and focus the eyes. In this case, surgical procedures can be used to tighten, shorten or otherwise alter the underlying muscle as necessary. To prepare for the surgery in California, an eye clinic or hospital will typically work with your current vision care team to evaluate the behavior of your eyes and determine which muscles require any help.

The cost of strabismus surgery in California can vary widely. Costs will vary depending on the severity of the condition and the specific intervention required to resolve it. $3,500 is generally considered to be an average cost per eye in California. However, bear in mind that strabismus surgery on both eyes is not always necessary. Sometimes, only one eye presents the symptoms. In other cases, the physical abnormalities of one eye can be corrected and eliminate the improper focusing habits of the other, more healthy eye. One should aim to pay less than $5,000 per eye even in serious cases, as there are many California providers to compare.

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