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Strabismus is a rather common problem for people to have. When you have strabismus of the eye, the eye muscles can be affected in one of two ways: if the eye muscles are too strong, they cause your eye to turn inward, turn outward or rotate too low/too high and if they are too weak, it can cause your eyes to become misaligned. Depending on how badly your strabismus problem is, it could warrant getting surgery quickly in order to correct it.

Now that we know what a strabismus condition can cause, let's look at how the surgery is done. Your eye surgeon will use the recession and resection techniques to correct the strabismus issue, and they are different depending on what is causing strabismus. If your eye muscle is too strong, your eye surgeon will remove the outside eye muscle that is causing the problem and then attach it further back on the eye. If your eye muscle is too weak, your eye surgeon will perform that procedure on the opposing eye muscle to help balance it out. To help improve the final outcome of having this surgery, your eye surgeon may also perform adjustable suture surgery. This is where the eye surgeon simply adjusts the sutures that hold in place the eye sutures after resection is completed.

In Colorado, there are a lot of places where you can go to have your strabismus surgery. There are eye surgeon offices in all of the major cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. You can also find some in the smaller towns. Of course, your best bet would be to go to a place that specializes in this particular issue, like the Strabismus Center in Colorado Springs. That way, at least you know that the eye surgeon knows how to do the procedure since they have done mostly that during their time as an eye surgeon.

For some people, cost can be an issue. If you do not have health insurance, the price of having strabismus surgery can be too burdensome. There are special financing programs like Care Credit where you can apply for a credit account that is used strictly for medical, vision, and dental procedures. Be sure to have enough to pay for whatever balance is left over after applying the credit. If you do have insurance, it will likely cover part of the procedure since it is something that can have detrimental effects. Just find out how much you will need to cover before going in for the procedure.

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