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Strabismus is a physical condition of the eye whereupon one or both of the eyes turn out, in down, or up. It is more common to see this in children; however, it can occur in adults, as well. It is important to identify and treat strabismus in a time efficient manner to avoid permanent vision loss. There are two distinct types of strabismus. In constant strabismus the eye turns all of the time and in intermittent strabismus the eye turns only at times of illness, concentration, stress, or fatigue. Strabismus is caused by muscles lacking in the ability to coordinate.

Events that may cause strabismus are several. Problems with, imbalances, and injuries of that muscles that control eye movement, refractive issues that go uncorrected, such as the need for glasses, hormone conditions like Diabetes and Thyroid disease, can cause strabismus. Nervous system disorders also have the ability to affect vision including strokes, pressure in the brain, Myasthenia gravis, tumors forming on or near the eye, and injuries or deficiencies in the nerves of the eye that control eye muscles and vision loss in a single eye can also cause strabismus issues. Risk factors that increase your chances of developing strabismus include Diabetes, high blood pressure, or having a family member with this condition.

A doctor will ask about your current and past symptoms, as well as do a thorough eye exam. If treatments such as glasses, patching, or medication do not meet with success, surgery is usually the most likely next step. If you or someone you know need to learn about strabismus surgery in Connecticut, more in depth information can be found at any clinic that performs this particular surgery. The goal of the strabismus surgery is to move one or more of the eye muscles into a different location for proper alignment, as well as strengthen or weaken the eye muscle as needed.

In New Haven you may look up Dr. Daniel J. Salchow, Dr. Sarah R. Baroody in Danbury, Dr. Stephen Mathias in Danbury, and Dr. Randy L. Schulman in Norwalk, each of whom are noted in the blog portion of with contact information. The right surgeon for strabismus surgery will be able to answer all of their patient's questions thoroughly, including what has caused the eye-crossing, why conventional methods have not been able to fix the condition, as well as then explaining both general and advanced options of the strabismus surgery and their recommendation, including what should be expect post-surgery with recovery and the timing of expected results.

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