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Looking for data about strabismus surgery in Delaware? Strabismus is a condition that affects the eyes and may prevent you from focusing both eyes on the same spot to the same level. It typically presents with a variety of other vision disorders, including astigmatism and nystagmus. While typically not the most serious of the common vision disorders, it can cause difficulty in a variety of situations, including intensive work at a computer, driving, or activities where spatial coordination and depth perception are necessary. In Delaware, many patients have opted for strabismus surgery as a permanent way to resolve this bothersome issue.

There are many places throughout Delaware where you might receive strabismus surgery, including the Center for Sight of Delaware County and a variety of others. Typically, a successful strabismus surgery will involve operating on the muscles of the eye in order to ensure that the eyes are properly aligned. Out of the six muscles that do the most work in aligning the eyes, it's generally the case that only one or two will be adjusted in order to correct the problem. There are rare cases where the disorder is caused by interference at a neurological level -- this cannot be corrected through surgery.

Strabismus surgery generally has a moderate cost -- it is neither inexpensive nor extremely expensive for a surgical procedure of its type. In most Delaware facilities, you will find the price ranges between $2,000 and $4,000. A strabismus procedure costing $6,000 or more, while possible, would not be considered a good budgetary value. If you cannot afford the cost of strabismus surgery out of pocket, you might find that you can afford it with the help of insurance. Where insurance is not possible, some physician's offices will provide help in the form of a deferred payment plan that can allow you to make installment payments for up to 88 months.

Throughout a patient's life, strabismus is typically controlled with the help of an optometrist and ophthalmologist. If you are not sure where to go for a strabismus surgery, consider asking one of these Delaware professionals to help you with a referral. It may be possible to get a slight discount by working with a member of your current vision team to select a surgical center. Strabismus correction is an outpatient procedure that requires general anesthesia, an incision in the eye, and manual correction using fine stitches. Recovery time is minimal compared to other procedures. Just remember that strabismus surgery in Delaware averages $3,000 -- don't overpay!

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