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Globally, one of the most common vision problems has a name that many people have never even heard. Strabismus is commonly referred to as cross-eyed or lazy eye. This condition can lead to poor or double vision. Strabismus surgery is usually performed on young patients. It is an outpatient procedure that uses an incision on the white part of the eye. Very fine stitches realign the muscles to straighten out eye muscles and correct vision problems associated with this condition. The principles of this surgery are based on the fact that there are six muscles on the outside of the eye, primarily responsible for eye movement.

The alignment of the eyes can be off if certain muscles are too weak or too strong. There are two different approaches used in strabismus surgery in Florida to correct these problems: recession and resection. Recession refers to when a surgeon detaches a muscle and moves it back on the eye, weakening it. This can be applied to muscles which are too strong, or to the opposing force muscles of those which are too weak. The resection approach strengthens eye movement muscles by detaching and reattaching them in a different location. Adjustable suture strabismus surgery for adults uses the resection approach. However, twenty-four hours after the surgery, the surgeon can still adjust the sutures to align the eyes more precisely.

After a strabismus surgery, patients should expect to be sore and have red eyes, even right red in the corners for about two weeks. Many people report the sensation that something is in their eye. When under ten, children may have to have strabismus surgery two to three times in order to achieve proper alignment of the eyes. Some children and adults will need to wear special glasses after the surgery that train and strengthen the weaker eye muscles.

There are an estimated 130 to 260 million people worldwide who are affected by strabismus. To have strabismus surgery in Florida, the average cost is around $3,000, but because there are a number of variables, the cost may be as low as $2,000 or as high as $6,000. Treatment for strabismus is widely available throughout the Sunshine State. Your ophthalmologist should be able give you information all about strabismus surgery in Florida, including pre-surgery options, the surgical procedure, and what you will have to do post-surgery. There are options for people with eyes that do not naturally work together well.

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