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Strabismus surgery is often used to add strength to the muscles of the eye though the procedures may also be used to weaken the eye muscles. The procedure is meant to align the eyes properly for better viewing. You can research strabismus surgery in Hawaii to find a surgeon near you who can help you with vision alignment. Talk to your doctor if you have trouble with your eyes. Your doctor can offer you a referral to a surgeon that can help you. Keep in mind that anesthesia is used during this procedure. The procedure is usually an outpatient process.

The type of anesthesia the surgeon uses during strabismus surgery will usually depend on your age and current health status. Adults may be given a general anesthetic, local anesthetic, or even conscious sedation. The surgeon will determine if the eye is in recession, which is a weakness of the muscle attachment, or a resection, which is a strengthening of the muscle attachment. Depending on the diagnosis, the surgeon will then either weaken the muscles or strengthen them. The muscles altered during the surgery are the muscles that are attached to the wall of the eye, also referred to as the sclera.

The strabismus surgeon alters the position of the muscle insertion point and then sews the muscle to the sclera. A standard strabismus surgery typically includes a non-adjustable suture, there is also a procedure that uses a temporary knot that is easily accessible at a later point in time. Rather than undergoing surgery again, the surgeon simply uses the adjustable knot to reposition the eye muscles when necessary. An adjustment may be performed with the patient awake in conjunction with an eye numbing agent. The eyes may feel sore or appear red for weeks or even months after you undergo surgery.

There is little need for preoperative preparation and the strabismus surgery itself usually only requires a few hours in a hospital or office setting. If re-operation is needed, the pain, irritation and redness may increase. Resection tends to cause more pain than recession. Resection also results in a greater amount of redness compared to recession. Talk to the strabismus surgeon about any concerns you may have regarding the procedure. The surgeon can assuage your fears and explain the procedure to you. You can always research strabismus surgeons in Hawaii for a better understanding of the procedure if it is necessary.

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