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More than 1.2 million strabismus surgeries take place each year, making this the third most common type of eye surgery in the nation. Essentially it is a type of surgery that is performed to help correct misalignment of the eyes what many people would refer to as 'crossed' eyes or even 'lazy eyes'. There are actually several types of this surgery that can take place, and there are several excellent locations that provide strabismus surgery in Idaho to those who need it. There are a few key things about strabismus surgery in Idaho that are worth knowing.

As mentioned above, there are several types of Strabismus surgery in Idaho currently available. Many of them involve the loosening or weakening of muscles since many problems of this nature involve muscles that are too tight and won't allow proper eye movement to occur. On the opposite end of the spectrum is tightening or strengthening procedures that help eyes work properly if weakness is present. Additional procedures include a Myotomy, Myectomy, Tenotomy, Tenectomy, Tucking, Advancement, and more. Repositioning or transposition procedures are also possibilities that one may have when they need to have this type of corrective eye surgery performed on them.

When people are trying to learn about strabismus surgery in Idaho, the obvious questions involve the procedure and the recovery time. The procedure is a one day outpatient surgery that involves a surgery time of just a few hours in most cases. Using general anesthesia, the surgeon will make a small incision on the clear membrane that protects the eye and will then correct the strabismus. Tiny stitches help to re-align the eye and then the patient will be released, usually with mild pain medication and some basic post-operative care instructions. Total recovery time is around six to eight weeks in most cases and will involve the avoidance of swimming, a compress, and other issues.

Those who are in need of strabismus surgery in Idaho will face varying charges, mainly due to the fact that different surgeons and hospitals charge different prices and because more complex surgeries will involve more time and effort. Average costs of this surgery run around three thousand to four thousand dollars in most cases. Very simple surgeries can cost as low as two grand, while higher estimates will end up at around six thousand dollars. This type of surgery is one that is best performed at a young age since recovery and adaptation to the correction is much more improved when the patient is younger.

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