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Strabismus is not something many people know much about, unless they are suffering from misaligned eyes. Those who have this condition tend to have one eye that looks at a slightly different angle than the other. The condition can be very mild or severe. The major problem with strabismus, other than aesthetics, is that depth perception of often affected, which could lead to difficulty with everyday tasks, such as driving or sports. Depending on the circumstances, this condition can be an issue with the muscles of the eye or the brain itself causing musculature issues. Eye doctors and surgeons are called upon to treat strabismus.

While surgery can be very frightening for some people, if the strabismus is severe enough, it may call for more invasive procedures for correction. Those who have been diagnosed with this rather common condition and want to know more about strabismus surgery in Indiana can either visit with their optometrist or can go online and learn more about the different techniques and surgical options for treatment. While surgery is not always the only option, it can be used in conjunction with specially designed eyeglasses and muscle exercises.

Surgery cannot correct the brain's control over the eye muscles, but it can correct the placement of the eye within the muscles. This is a long term and usually permanent solution that can offer almost immediate relief to both vision clarity and appearance. Nominal cases of strabismus are usually treated in an out-patient manner, and the surgery itself takes an hour or less. However, as with any surgery, there are risks, some of which could be significant, such as loss of sight or double vision. In order to get the best results, it is recommended that treatment is approached as soon as the problem is noticed, and not left to worsen.

For those who prefer to avoid surgery, some alternatives include Botox treatment, eye patches or prism therapy. A board certified surgeon can help correct these issues, if the surgery is deemed necessary. However, through early detection and quick treatment, many people have been able to avoid surgery, particularly children under that age of 10 years. Indiana has several centers dedicated specifically to the treatment of Strabismus. These are located in Lafayette, Bloomington, and Indianapolis, and there are other clinics that offer this service sprinkled throughout the state. The internet has websites that help find clinics and doctors that specialize in this ailment.

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