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There are well over two million people who call the state of Kansas home. Statistics would suggest that at least 5% of those people have had or need to have strabismus surgery. Strabismus surgery is when the alignment of the eyes is corrected. This type of eye surgery is actually the third most common one to be done yearly in the United States. The surgical procedure is done on both children and adults and it is important to note that, while the surgery does correct the alignment to an extent, there will never be perfection with it.

There are several different procedures that are included under the umbrella of strabismus surgery. They include: loosening and weakening surgical procedures like myectomy and myotomy, tightening and strengthening surgical procedures like resection and tucking, repositioning surgical procedures, and transpositioning surgical procedures. When it comes to having any type of eye surgery, it is natural that one would be a little hesitant. However, if you learn about strabismus surgery in Kansas prior to getting the surgical procedure done, you will likely feel a little better about it. It is also just a one-day, outpatient surgery so you will have the procedure done and then you will be home later in the afternoon. Of course, you will need someone to drive you since you will not be able to see for a while.

It is important for you to be aware of the possible complications that can occur as a result of strabismus surgery. Some of the complications that can arise include: detachment of the retina, eyeball inflammation, infection, and bleeding. If you experience any of these complications during your strabismus surgery, you can count on needing to stay at least overnight in the hospital so that the doctors can keep watch over you. Once the doctor is confident that your complication is not going to cause permanent damage, you will be able to go home.

Some patients require multiple surgeries to help correct their eye alignment problem. After having the initial strabismus surgery, each subsequent surgery will bring more pain. It is also vital that you follow the doctor's instructions completely during your recuperation. That means you use the eye cover that you are given and you avoid looking at light. Even if you do follow the doctor's instructions, there is still a chance of a complication developing or the need for additional strabismus surgeries. So, keep that in mind while considering the procedure.

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