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Strabismus is a condition that can be apparent from infancy or early childhood, although it also can creep up on patients later in life. When one or both of your eyes are misaligned, turned either inward or outward, this is called strabismus. There are many different ways in which this condition can manifest itself. Some patients will have one eye higher than the other, or one eye that looks in a different direction, also called a lazy eye. Although there are many causes, one is that the eye muscles are uncoordinated, so that it is difficult for patients to move at the same time. Eye injury or thyroid diseases are other less common causes. If you or a loved one has this condition, you will want to know about treatment options, including all about strabismus surgery in Kentucky.

Whether or not strabismus surgery in Kentucky will be the best option for you or your loved one will depend on how severe the symptoms are. Many small children only have mild symptoms which can be corrected with special glasses. When this condition appears in adults, however, it can be more serious. You may have ongoing double vision, or start to lose your depth perception. For these reasons, a doctor may recommend that you think about going in to a Kentucky eye clinic for strabismus surgery. This type of surgery is offered in many top quality hospitals and clinics in Kentucky, including the University of Kentucky as well as the Kentucky Lions Eye Center in Louisville.

In most cases, the younger a patient is, the better the results of the eye surgery will be. However you may be eligible for strabismus surgery in Kentucky at any age. There are several different types of procedures which your doctor may employ. A recession procedure is when the surgeon removes the outside muscle from the eye, and reattaches it at a different point further back in the eye. This helps the muscles to move around in a different way, so that the weakness in the eye is treated.

Another type of strabismus surgery in Kentucky is known as adjustable suture eye muscle surgery, which makes use of sutures to help change the positions of the eye muscles and hold them in place. No matter which type of surgery your doctor recommends, you can expect to have some soreness and red eyes for a few weeks after the procedure. It's important to rest your eyes during this healing time, with final results of the surgery being visible after four weeks for most patients.

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